Call for a gathering to defend workers’ rights in Iran in front of the International Organization of Labor (ILO) International syndicates!

Call for a gathering to defend workers’ rights in Iran in front of the International Organization of Labor (ILO)
International syndicates!
Labor activists, left and anti-capitalist parties and organizations! Freedom-loving and pro-equality people!
ILO’s hundred and seventh assembly will take place between May 28 and June 8, 2018 in Geneva (Switzerland). Despite extensive protests against violations of numerous international labor laws in Iran and opposition to the absence of authentic representation of Iranian workers in the yearly ILO conference by many European and Iranian labor and union activists and other Left and progressive organizations, we (the organizing committee) have again organized a demonstration in the Nation Square and ask you to actively participate. The bankruptcy of more than 75 percent of the Iranian economy by the anti-labor, capitalist, fascist and reactionary regime of the Islamic Republic has had a devastating impact on the lives of working people.
Despite protests and objections by labor unions and activists to the anti-worker Islamic Republic in the previous annual meetings, the lives and economic conditions of workers and wage earners in Iran have further deteriorated. Unemployment, inflation, delayed wage payments and the levels of repression against legitimate demands by workers have increased. Since coming to power, the Islamic Republic has suppressed all dissenting labor activists, imprisoning and sometimes contributing to the silent deaths of some. In addition to these repressive measures, the regime has banned independent labor organizations and criminalized all activities that support labor rights.
Every year, the Islamic Republic sends pro-regime labor “representatives” and members of the security forces to the annual ILO meetings to repress voices of the Iranian workers. Actual labor representatives are prohibited from traveling abroad, some are incarcerated and the lives of others are threatened.
These days, all workers, teachers and wage earners in Iran are in need of your support to help make known their grievances to the world. Let’s join in this protest action to defend labor rights in Iran and bring to light legitimate demands of the working people in Iran.
Time: June 1, 2018, between 10 AM to 2 PM Address: Palais des Nations (Geneva)
Telephones and emails:
Jamshid Mehr, 0041767014478, Ali Mobaraki, 0041765161866,
Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran Long Live Iranian labor movement
Organizing Committee of the demonstration to support Iranian workers in Geneva

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